Prize Pictures

The winner of London’s Royal Society Publishing photography competition is Tadpoles Overhead, by Bert Willaert, a biologist of amphibian evolution and an environmental advisor.

One of the judges said: “The winning photo communicates the power of a common biological phenomenon visualised in a new light, and from a perspective that emphasises the other half of the ecosystem; the half we usually miss when looking down at a tadpoles’ puddle, but one that is very much part of the tadpoles’ own view – the clouds, the trees, and the sky.”

Smashing is by runner up in the Behaviour category, taken by Luca Antonio Marino.

An adult wild bearded capuchin monkey (Sapajus libidinosus) uses a stone tool to crack a very resistant palm nut in Fazenda Boa Vista in Piauì, Brazil.

Sand has Scales is the runner up in the Evolutionary Biology category, taken by Fabio Pupin.

Bitis peringueyi is an endemic adder from the Namib desert.
Caribbean Brain Coral received special commendation in the Proceedings B publisher’s choice category, taken by Evan D’Alessandro.

It shows the deep and abundant mysteries of reef building corals.  The photographer asked whether “the four distinct zones in this photograph are really genetically identical. What spurred the colony to grow in this strange and beautiful manner?”