Extreme Hurricanes

fred-goes-9415 atlantic-tropical-storm-cycle-klotzbach

There is confusion in meteorological circles (unexpected pun) about the trend of hurricane intensity over the last decade.

_86294722_tropical_cyclone_basins   Fred_2015-08-30_1435z
So far this year several storms have come to life in the Atlantic, and then fade as wind shears them apart. A newly published study by Klotzbach, Gray, and Fogarty (Nature Geoscience) suggests we should get used to this. They say the intensity of hurricanes is ‘fizzling’ and one called Fred was doing just that on September 8 2015 (above, right; top, left)).

_86288366_30726fdc-f233-4dc4-9d84-0ce602627bd5  hurricane-james-w-johnson

Yet today (above, left), Mexicans are preparing for one of the strongest hurricanes ever recorded. Meanwhile, the American artist James Johnson is one of the few to have been inspired by a hurricane. A copy of his picture is available through the internet.