The Bird from Hell

In the latest edition of the journal Scientific Reports, S Brusatte, Edinburgh and zoologists from the Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences have published details of a recently discovered winged dinosaur 125 million years old.


_84251592_skull3   _84251590_dsc05489

It was 2m in length and is thought to have been too heavy to fly. It is named Zhenyuanlong. It had short arms, and wings with quill-pen feathers. They may have been used to protect eggs in the nest, or for sexual display, or to glide down from the trees.160715_winged_dinosaur_1024_635x250_1437055342.   4857
Dr Brusatte told the BBC: “China is the epicentre of palaeontology right now.” They have “storerooms full of new dinosaur fossils that have never been studied before.”

Meanwhile, The Guardian newspaper has published Ralph Steadman’s Dwarf Olive Ibis, one of many modern bird species facing extinction in their own modern hell.