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Most of Canada is covered with Boreal Forest, a mix of conifers such as pine, larch and spruce. To its south there is temperate forest and to its north there is ice and frozen swamp or taiga.

map-provinces-sidebar BSI-logo  30Weidensaul-blog427 Conservation groups are active throughout Canada and some are as much concerned with culture and art as with the hard objective and testable facts.

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Scott Weidensaul’s recent history of this territory – The First Frontier: The Forgotten History of Struggle, Savagery and Endurance in Early America – traces 250 years of history through poignant personal stories.  There is a Harvard-educated Indian caught up in seventeenth-century warfare; a mixed-blood interpreter on the Pennsylvania frontier trying to straddle his white and Native heritage; Indian slave-hunters who turned on their colonial partners when they themselves feared enslavement; and a Puritan woman whose bloody acts with a scalping knife remain deeply divisive even today.

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