ImEx – Art at a Turning Point is an exhibition at the Nationalgalerie in Berlin until September 20th. It considers the interface of Impressionism and Expressionism, problems discussed in Berlin a century ago.

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Max Liebermann 1902: Bathing Boys             Ernst Kirchner 1913: Bathers at the Shore

An Expressionist rejects immediate perception and builds on more complex psychic structures. He uses mental images that pass through a soul as through a filter which rids them of accretions. This produces a clear essence which can condense into types. In turn, these can be transcribed as formulae and symbols. They are methods of reductionism usually associated with the scientist.

Bild_6_Kirchner__Potsdamer_PlatzKopieB_01 125px-Kirchner_-_Selbstbildnis_als_Soldat

Ernst Kirchner 1914: Potsdamer Platz                      1915 Soldat, self-portrait


Ernst Kirchner 1926: Max Lieberman in his study