Asian Migrants

Art from Muslim kingdoms migrating in Asia is in a new show at the Met Museum New York with the title Opulence and Fantasy.

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It comes at the time of a tragic migration of Muslims from Myanmar across the Andaman Sea.

The New York exhibits show that  movement of populations in Asia has a varied and diverse history.  (picture below right from 1660 loaned by SC Welch)

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Throughout the seventeenth century NW India was troubled by invading groups from Afghanistan and Nepal. They, also, faced difficulty and danger.

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The New York exhibition has the Sultans of Deccan India crossing the mountains of the Deccan in Northern India. Other movements in response to changing environment have a much longer tradition and take the journey into their life history.

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One example is the wandering glider dragonfly which makes the longest ocean crossing of any insect, between India and Africa. Cranes also fly great distances across the sub-continent. Now their life-styles are adapted to such journeys.