Human Horizons

North of Auckland, New Zealand, is the famous sculpture park of Gibb’s Farm.

p02ns82t    booth

The first sculpture installed on Gibbs Farm is partly Chris Booth’s response to the tilted sandstone strata formations interspersed with rock pools, which are seen in the mudflats at low tide. Booth thinks they resemble “a graph of dots and dashes”.

There is also Marijke de Goey’s The Mermaid (below left). These installations are at the interface of human invention and nature – art and science.

degoey     dawson

Dawson’s Horizons (above right) is one of the earliest sculptures for the Farm. Sitting on one of the highest points in the property it is also one of the few works that can be seen from a distance. This seems fitting given the way the tromp l’oeil character of the work is suggestive of a giant piece of corrugated iron that might have blown in from a collapsed water tank on some distant farm, only to rest precariously until the next gale lifts it into the air again.

Firewood Art (below left) and the Giant Trumpet (below right) are other features of the show.

Firewood-Art-on-Gibbs-Farm  th-1 Local Landmarks