Beach Graffiti

Inspired by the work of sand artist Tony Platt, Chris Howarth bought himself a rake and headed to his local beach in Cornwall.

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Saint Michael’s Mount on the south west coast of Cornwall is a tidal island. The sandy beaches are ideal substrates for Howarth’s designs. But they are very temporary and become submerged by the rising tide.

Remains of trees have been seen at low tides following storms on the beach at Perranuthnoe, and radiocarbon dating has established the submerging of the hazel wood at about 1700 BC.

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Tides are controlled by the pull of the moon, varying through the lunar cycles

In small seas such as the Aegean, small water bodies have less attraction to the moon’s gravitational forces than large oceans. There’s not much scope for Chris Haworth or Saint Michael there.

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