Science and art play an all-too-important role in war, providing the hardware of the munitions and building the propaganda to be on the right side of battle.

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The First World War began a hundred years ago this month. Was it anticipated a year before by Jacob Epstein in  the 1913 sculpture piece he called Rock Drill?  epstein-rock-drill-key-010-5169

Until conscription was introduced in 1916, recruitment posters were an essential element in attracting young men to the armed forces during the ‘Great War’ of 1914-1918. Savile Lumley’s poster has become one of the best known because of its tone of emotional blackmail. 2006AT6185_jpg_ds

The idea was actually that of a printer, Arthur Gunn, who is reported to have imagined himself as the father in question. In fact, after having a sketch of the scene made up by Lumley in 1915, Gunn joined the Westminster Volunteers.

Other posters were more straight-forward.

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