The Don Juan Pond in Antarctica is one of the few places on Earth where there is no life. th-2Antarctica, Wright Valley, Dry Valleys, Don Juan Pond, wind carved rock, (ventifact).. Image shot 1980. Exact date unknown. The pond is so rich in calcium chloride, and has smaller amounts of sodium chloride, that it remains as liquid even when the temperature falls to -30 C. The site was discovered in 1961, when it was about 0.25 sq km in area and just about 30 cm deep, though that is getting less. Don Juan Pond   th-1  Don-Juan-Pond Don Juan Pond is found at the lowest point of the basin and is bounded by steep slopes to the north and south, a debris-covered lobe to the west, and colluvium-mantled terrain to the east, where the most prominent water tracks are observed. It was studied by JL Dickson et al online Nature March 2013. 45047057     59704767   Lifeless was the name of a band in Salt Lake City, Utah, that played in the 1990s. It no longer exists.