Moving Experiments

Ryan Mosley from Chesterfield has an exhibition at the Alison Jacques Gallery in London until March 13th. His work attempts to put an authoritative stamp on important stages of his developing ideas and images, a process that is achieved by experimental scientists as much as by artists. They all start with a rough idea and try out different ways of monitoring them through changing circumstances.

ryan_mosley_emperor_butterfly    ryan_mosley_empress_butterfly

Mosley’s Emporer Butterfly and Empress Butterfly, for example, show dynamic images changing as the figures interact and converse. The artist is constantly reworking, correcting and retouching as he exudes the results of their reactions. A chemist does the same with a new reaction, and physicists measure change of a  single variable within their complex systems.

ryan_mosley_sirens   20110307035038_ryan_mosely

In Sirens he used watercolour to build up the moving figures into dynamic forces. A similar sense of movement and changing energy comes out of Piano Tuners, a picture from 2011 full of dash and menace. You can see so much light and hear the sounds.