Light and Space

James Turrell, born in 1943, is a Californian artist primarily concerned with light and space. Just outside Flagstaff, Arizona, he is turning the natural Roden Crater into a “naked-eye observatory”.

TurrellatRoden       twilight

Turrell studied geology and psychology, disciplines which led him to  seek religious meaning at the interface of the earth and the sky. At his crater in Arizona he sees plenty of bright open sky through holes in the roof, up through the cone of the extinct volcano.

48340_TURRELL_v1    46020_TURRELL

Some of his art attempts to show the inside turning into the outside and vice versa, done by projecting light along tunnels before thy fall out into the open. Turrell’s current exhibition at the Pace Gallery in London, uses computerised LED lighting to creating shifting colours.

44769_TURRELL   53502_TURRELL   48344_TURRELL_v1

The Pace Gallery is a long way from Arizona and seems to have lost Turrell’s theology along the way. Perhaps that’s the point.