Shop Windows

Until March 2, a Festival of Imagination is at Selfridges, the Oxford Street shop in London. More than 15 topics about art, design and science are presented at special lectures and each has a display in the shop windows looking out onto the street.

Although the displays are strong on creative design they are very weak on science, and leave too many unanswered questions for the lectures to answer. Here are some examples.

imagineer-agatha-haines-col  imagineer-agatha-haines-win

Agatha Haines – increase of imagination through an increase in brain stimulation – the possibilities of our bodies as another everyday material

imagineer-rolf-sachs-col  imagineer-rolf-sachs-win

Rolf Sachs – the wireless transmission of electricity, questions the relationship between science and the natural world

imagineer-vitamins-col  imagineer-vitamins-win

Vitamins – static animation moves as you walk along past the window,  a sheet of paper flies like an aeroplane; inventions and 3D printing

imagineer-igloo-col  imagineer-igloo-win

Igloo Art – comparing the natural to the artificial, an app that re-imagines the camouflage of tribal patterns

imagineer-nancy-fouts-col  imagineer-nancy-fouts-win

Nancy Fouts – the double bass and fancy – if there’s music only the imagination can hear it – perception of everyday life

imagineer-minimaforms-col   imagineer-minimaforms-win

Minima Forms – artificial intelligence relating humanity and machines


James Dyson Foundation – testing and repeating a design until it works

The Festival raises far more questions than it even attempts to answer. Perhaps that’s the culture of retailing in the fashion industry.