End of Post-Modernism

th-4   The American sculptor and photographer Allan Sekula died earlier this year, but not before making a mark on the cultural thinking of some in his generation.

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Sekula suspected that technology was driving creativity into the global arena, enabled by the computer as “the sole engine of our progress”. The slippery chaos of the post-modern world is becoming irrelevant to the lives left behind.

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In angry response, Sekula took photographs in former ship-building communities such as Newcastle and Glasgow. The run-down social devastation makes a 70 image exhibition at Tate Britain entitled Fish Story, chapter 8 of his story about post-modernism’s decline, Dismal Science.

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(Liverpool dock road from flickr.com)  (other pictures from the internet, with thanks to Executors of A Sekula)

Geologists classify their time-scales into Eras, Periods, Stages etc. Artists classify the much shorter intervals of human culture in a similar way. Since the early nineteenth century they have had Romanticism, Modernism and Postmodernism, and several rival classifications.