Bat Night

You’ve just missed  International Bat Night on August 24th, a time for talks, walks, counts, sit-ins and suppers.

CommonPipistrelle.3     swarming__poss._se_asia_hughclark

Other events continue to be organised by the Bat Conservation Trust: and you can join in.

img-1.php  img.php

greater mouse-eared bat                                                      grey long-eared bat

The Order Chiroptera has about 1,200 species of bats, and their webbed fore-limbs and low body weight mean they are the only mammals that can fly easily. They emit sophisticated ultrasound signals to help locate their position and their prey.

220px-Plecotus_auritus01  225px-Myotis_myotis,_nursery_roost

brown long-eared bat                                 a colony of mouse-eared bats Myotis myotis

Good art influenced by bats is hard to find, beyond cartoon characters and animated horror stories about the vampire bats of Central and South America. They are often associated with darkness and mystery, black magic and witchcraft.

There are tattoos th-2 (

and art deco –th-3  and batwoman th-4

(Dark Knight F Alberto –                                                    (

Rather like witches, bats have trouble attracting comforting followers of art.

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