Once In a Blue Moon

On Tuesday night I was told to look for one of those rare “blue moons”, though I wasn’t surprised to see it shining with the usual colour.  So I checked the meaning of ‘blue moon”: the name is given to a second full moon in the same solar calendar month. The photograph on the left shows Tuesday’s moon at space.com (Starry Night Software).  I took the other picture of the yellow blue moon from a hillside on this Greek island.

Tuesday's_Blue_Moon_Has_Many-92fffd0f2ac734c71495c706b85ae122  2013-08-21 20.21.20

An average lunar cycle lasts 29.53 days. So there are 12.37 lunar cycles a year. That extra 0.37 a month makes a blue moon. The origin of the name is unknown but it is unlikely to have described the moon’s real colour. Any blue tint would be due to volcanic dust or human pollution, found less than once in a **** ****.

The mythical baggage has been around since at least 1528 when two friars from Greenwich, Jerome Barlow and William Roy composed a poem called  Rede me and be nott wrath, for I say no thynge but troth –

O church men are wily foxes

Yf they say the mone is blewe

We must believe that it is true

Admittynge their interpretation.

More recently the blue moon has given a romantic atmosphere for cartoon characters –


(The Smurfs – the blueberry.deviantart.com

photographers (Terence Davis)

th-1   th-2

and painters (Tracy Levesque) both at  fineartamerica.com

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