Faster Than Light

Light travels at around 300,000 kms a second and they say you can’t move faster than that. But can you?

Since Einstein presented his theory in 1905 we have known that Special Relativity forbids objects to travel faster than light. That’s because they are made up of the same stuff as the barrier itself. But now we know they can be warped and distorted with a lot of extra energy.


This summer, NASA is putting forward the idea that these warped limits might hold clues to moving faster than light. To connect two points that got separated by this distortion, imagine one of those moving walkways you get at airports.

walkway_003   th-4

So there’s Einstein’s limit to how fast you can walk along the airport floor (300,000kms a second). But if you choose to step on the moving walkway you will go faster!

th-6  Where the walkway emerges from beneath the floor is where space-time expands. It’s like the big bang. Where the walkway goes back into the floor is where space-time contracts, like a black hole. And if you put your walkway on another walkway, would you go faster still and get swallowed up sooner than before?

Then the mathematics get hard to understand, leaving most of us only with easy memories of Star Wars journeys

84576main_wormsmal   84574main_warpspsm  The ideas of warped boundaries are too new to have been tested. They may even be difficult to test at all. Get details from warp drive at NASA .

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