Unseasonal Weather?

Scientists like to think they can define their words clearly while artists cherish a broader understanding, even enjoying the scope of blurred words. So, “seasons” are defined precisely by astronomers, though they convey an image that’s not always the same.

vernal-equinox-the-celebration-of-spring-season   (bhavanajagat.files)

While Verdi and Keats liked the seasons, scientists steer away from such concepts that different people interpret so differently.

This year, when many of us think we’ve had a rotten Spring, the meteorologists see their data within an acceptable range. Northern hemisphere weather is partly controlled by the Jet Stream, and this was recently pushed eastwards in response to things like sun storms and El Nino in the Pacific.Aerial_Superhighway.ogv

Here in Greece they’ve already harvested what little cereal there is

2013-05-29 15.48.53

and many of the flowers have already turned to seed:

2013-05-29 13.24.52  2000-01-01 00.00.26

maple Acer monspessalanum                                              and spurge Euphorbia rigidia.

No rain is forecast and it’s getting hotter. For most creatures, the growing season is already over.

But as neuroscientist Kathleen Taylor (author of The Brain Supremacy) said yesterday at the Hay Festival: “one man’s negative can be another man’s positive”.

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