Snakes Exposed

Mark Laita has found a way of revealing beauty when the eye of the beholder is programmed to stimulate fear. When these normally camouflaged snakes are photographed under bright lights against a black background, they show dramatic patterns and vivid colours.  The pictures are recently published by HN Abrams in a book called Serpentine.

snake-grid-3-master675 pit viper

Away from their familiar environments, the reptiles show unfamiliar features. It is as though the subject has become the object. Its innate beauty takes over from the fear of external threat.

snake-grid-9-master675  palm pit viper

snake-grid-2-master675  royal pythonsnake-grid-6-master675 red spitting cobra

snake-grid-5-master675  king cobra

Laita quotes the early twentieth century German poet Rainer Maria Rilke: “Perhaps everything that frightens us is, in its deepest essence, something helpless that needs our love.”

Rilke_in_Moscow_by_L.Pasternak_(1928)     snake-grid-span-articleLarge-v2 alligator & python

The alligator would find that difficult.


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