Impressionist Landscapes

Apparently familiar landscapes have just been assembled by photographers Ken Kremer and Marco Di Lorezo. In the foreground of one picture geologists can recognise layers of sedimentary rocks, like those laid down on a beach. Erosion has scattered some of the broken rocks down onto the lower surfaces. It’s all very familiar –

shaler976 click image to enlarge

– more familiar, you might say, than some of the scattered objects in Salvador Dali’s 1931 landscape The Persistence of Memory


Kremer and Di Lorezo’s image is a composite of pictures from Mars, taken by NASA’s Curiosity rover, and showing Mount Sharp in the background.

Both images are haunted by a frightening emptiness, a dry and lifeless space where nothing seems to happen. Time has no more to say in these dead places. Does it even have any meaning, beyond the passing of each day and night?

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